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General Consulting, Programming, Technical Support for the IBM I5 iSeries AS400 and Advanced S/36

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Part # Description
0348 IBM V.24 Comm. Cable 20 ft.
0367 Operations Console PCI Cable
0381 Remote Control Panel Cable
1308 IBM RIO HSL2-HSL2 2.5M Cable
2609 AS/400 Two-Line V.24 Adapter
2617 AS/400 Ethernet Card
2619 AS/400 Token Ring Card
2644 AS/400 34xx Magnetic Media Adapter
2664 AS/400 Integrated Fax Adapter
2666 AS/400 High Speed Comm. Adapter
2682 AS/400 Optical Bus Adapter 1063Mbps
2684 AS/400 Optical Bus Adapter
2688 AS/400 Optical Link Proc. 1063Mbps.
2695 AS/400 Optical Bus Adapter
2720 AS/400 PCI WAN/Twinax Controller
2721 AS/400 PCI Two-Line WAN IOA
2722 AS/400 Twinaxial Workstation IOA
2726 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2728 AS/400 Disk Controller
2729 AS/400 PCI Magnetic Media Controller
2730 AS/400 Programmable Regulator
2740 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2741 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2743 PCI Gbps Ethernet IOA (Fibre)
2745 AS/400 PCI Two-Line WAN IOA
2746 AS/400 PCI Twinax Workstation Controller
2748 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2749 PCI Ultra Magnetic Media Controller
2760 PCI Integrated Analog Modem
2761 PCI 1Gbps. Ethernet UTP Adatper
2763 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2765 IBM Fibre Channel Tape Adapter
2766 IBM Fibre Channel IOA for Disk Only
2771 IBM Two-Line WAN IOA with Modem
2778 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
2782 PCI-X Ultra RAID Disk Controller
IBM Two-Line WAN IOA with Modem
2799 IBM PCI Integrated Netfinity Server 1GHz Plll Proc.
2809 AS/400 PCI Feature Controller Card
2810 AS/400 LAN/WAN IOP
2824 AS/400 PCI LAN/WAN Workstation IOA
2838 AS/400 PCI 100/10Mbps Ethernet Adapter IOA
2867 256MB IOP Memory
2881 IBM Memory Storage Riser
3001 AS/400 32MB Main Storage
3002 AS/400 128MB Memory
3004 AS/400 256MB Memory
3005 AS/400 512MB Memory
3006 AS/400 512MB Memory
3007 AS/400 1024MB Memory
3015 8.192GB Main Storage
3022 IBM 128MB Memory
3024 256MB Main Storage (128MB Techonology)
3026 IBM 512MB Memory
3027 1024MB Main Storage
3042 256MB Main Storage DIMM (128MB Technology, unstacked)
3043 IBM 512MB Main Storage
3044 IBM 1024MB Main Storage
3104 AS/400 64MB Main Storage
3110 AS/400 64MB Main Storage
3122 AS/400 32MB Main Storage
3154 AS/400 128MB Main Storage
3155 AS/400 256MB Main Storage
3172 AS/400 32MB Main Storage
AS/400 IBM 1024MB Main Storage
AS/400 8.58GB Disk 10K RPM
AS/400 17.54GB Disk 10K RPM
2GB DDR Main Storage
AS/400 DVD RAM Drive
4531 AS/400 DVD ROM Drive
5074 AS/400 Expansion Cabinet
5075 AS/400 Expansion Cabinet
5101 AS/400 30 Disk Expansion 5065/5074
5143 AS/400 Feature Power Supply
5153 AS/400 Redundant Power Supply
5155 AS/400 Redundant Power & Fan
5157 AS/400 Feature Power Supply
5700 IBM PCI 1Gbps Ethernet IOA
5709 IBM Ultra320 SCSI RAID
6146 AS/400 Diskette Adapter
6380 AS/400 2GB 1/4 Inch Tape Drive
6381 AS/400 2GB 1/4 Inch Tape Drive
6382 AS/400 4/8GB 1/4 Inch Tape Drive
6383 AS/400 16GB 1/4 Inch Tape Drive
6502 AS/400 Disk Controller RAID
6512 AS/400 Disk Controller RAID
6513 AS/400 Internal Tape Device Controller
6532 AS/400 Disk Controller RAID
6533 AS/400 RAID Disk Controller
6534 AS/400 SPD Magnetic Media Controller
6607 AS/400 4.19GB Disk Unit
6713 AS/400 8.58GB Disk
6717 AS/400 8.58GB Disk 10K RPM
6718 AS/400 17.54GB Disk 10K RPM
6807 AS/400 4.19GB Disk Unit
6813 AS/400 8.58GB Disk
6817 AS/400 8.58GB Disk 10K RPM
6907 AS/400 4.19GB Disk Unit
7101 AS/400 System Expansion Unit for 170
7104 AS/400 System Expansion Unit
7123 AS/400 Disk Expansion Cage
AS/400 Disk Expansion Cage
7128 AS/400 Disk Expansion Cage
7130 AS/400 Expansion Unit Tape Cage
9771 Base PCI 1-Line WAN w/Modem