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Since we were founded in the 1980's, we pre-date the AS/400. We know the IBM S/34, S/36, S/38.

We were a Beta testing site for IBM for the AS/400 436 Advanced S/36.

Pic of Adv 436

The 436 ceased to be sold by IBM on June 30, 1998. Occasionally we do have used equipment and welcome your inquiry.

Some models of the Risc AS/400 can run as a S/36. Many S/36 sites can use a current model iSeries. Please contact us that we may properly configure a machine for your needs.

We can help you recover from a disk crash on both 236 and 436. Let us help you reload your system.

We have nicely configured 436 SSP boxes available starting at $495

We do offer upgrades to the 436, such as

Add a 4GB hard drive to your Model 436 for only $75!

Add 32MB Memory for $75!

Add OS/400 and use the S/36 Environment

IBM AS/400 Advanced 36 (Model 436) at a glance
Predefined package offerings Entry- A Growth-B Large-C
Processor feature 2102 2102 2102
Main Storage capacity (MB) 32 32 64
Disk capacity (GB) 1 2 4
DASD power supply No Yes No
CD-ROM Yes  Yes Yes
Attachable twinaxial workstations 1-40 1-40 1-80
1/4-inch cartridge tape unit (2.5GB) 1 1 1
EIA 232/V.24 communications lines 1 2 2
Six-Line Communications Controller No No  Yes
IOP attachment slots available 0 2 6
Key lock Yes Yes Yes
The following applies to each package offering:
Included  SSP 7.5, RPG II, Query/36 Utilities, PC Support/36, LAN Communications, IPDS Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
Optional features*
Processor upgrades 2104 and 2106
Diskette drive 5-1/4-or 8-inch external
Fixed-disk capacity Up to 4GB (SSP); up to 280 (AS/400 operating system)
Memory capacity Up to 224MB (up to 256MB with 2106 processor)
Attachable twinaxial workstations Up to 160(SSP); Up To 280 Lines (as/400 Operating system)
Six-Line Communications Controller support Up to 8 lines (SSP); up to 20 lines ( AS/400 operating system)
16/4Mbps Token- Ring Network Adapter/A Up to 2
Model 236 Upgrade Kits 2100 to 2102; 2100 to 2104; and 2100 to 2106
Physical specifications  (as installed)
Height  500mm (19.7 in.)
Depth 723mm (28.5 in.)
Depth(with Expansion Unit) 806mm (31.7 in)
Width(excluding pedestal) 205mm (8.1 in.)
Width(including pedestal) 307mm (12.1 in.)
Width(with Expansion Unit, no pedestals) 380mm (15.0 in.)
Width(with Expansion Unit and pedestals) 431mm (17.0 in.)
Weight(without Expansion Unit) 33kg (74 lbs.)
Weight(with Expansion Unit) 54.4kg (120 lbs.)
 Operating environment
Temperature 10*C to 37.*C (50*F to 100*F)
Relative humidity 8% to 80%
Wet bulb 23*C (73.4* F)
Electrical power 100-127 VAC (low) or 200-240 VAC (high)

* Charts may contain typographics errors.

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